Our Team

The key members of the Herbamed management team are:

Haim Aviv, PhD - Founder and Active Chairman
Dr. Haim Aviv is a pioneer in Israel’s acclaimed biotechnology industry. He founded a number biotechnology companies and held executive positions many others, both in Israel and in the USA, including Biotechnology General Corp., Pharmos Corp. (PARS), Predix, Diatech, Novamed (NOVA) and Herbamed, where he is the major shareholder. Dr. Aviv also sits on the Board of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and of Yeda Ltd, the commercial arm of the internationally recognized Weizmann Institute.

Alon Levy Nahoum – Chief Executive Officer
Alon Levy Nahoum holds an MBA degree with specialization in Business Management. Nahoum has extensive expertise in delivering new marketing concepts to the retail world, especially with introducing new food products to the consumer market. He has held positions in such market-leading companies as Post, Tnuva and Strauss Group. 

Maria Dolgich-Maza, M.Sc Nutrition Science , Operation Manager
Maria holds her B.Sc. and Master's degree of Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
She is a registered dietian and has a clinical experience working with hosiptelized petiants and oupetiants, focosing on Gastrointestinal problems.
Started working as assistant to operation manager at Herbamed company since 2010, and now runs the production, operation and regulation of Herbamed products in Israel and abroad.

Anat Solomon, PhD - Research and Development Manager
Dr. Solomon is an accomplished biochemist and food scientist with more than a decade of experience in research and development, as well as in research project management. Dr. Solomon's areas of expertise include the development of formulations that facilitate the solubility of functional materials and the enhancement of the bioavailability of nutraceuticals so they may be both added to foods and beverages effectively and be more efficiently assimilated in vivo. She also specializes in the initiation, characterization and assimilation of new research methodologies.

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