Our Vision

Founded by in 1992 by Haim Aviv, PhD, Herbamed Ltd. serves the dietary supplement and functional food markets by creating and manufacturing unique products and ingredients based on innovative and pioneering technologies. Herbamed is dedicated to the conviction that natural products can influence health but benefits must to be substantiated by clinical trials conducted according to strict scientific standards.

Using highly innovative technologies, Herbamed has developed a number of unique products and tested their effects in controlled clinical settings.

Herbamed’s focus for the future is on the growing demand for health-promoting functional foods and beverages. Studies consistently demonstrate that health-conscious consumers prefer to enjoy nutraceuticals in food and beverages rather than pills or capsules. To address the obstacles hindering advancement in this field - low solubility, poor bioavailability and unpleasant taste and aroma - as well as the  inconvenient delivery format of many nutraceuticals, Herbamed employs the most advanced technologies to deliver healthy products.

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