Herbamed develops novel processes and products and protects intellectual property with patents. The company owns a number of patents and has additional patents pending in the filing process. Innovation and advances in technology allow Herbamed to bring the potential benefits of nutraceuticals to the consumer in the safest and most effective manner possible. We protect these valuable forms of intellectual property and technical know how with patents, providing a platform for further research.

Herbamed’s patents and pending patents include: 

  • A pioneering drug-delivery technology that enhances the bioavailability of many insoluble components used in food supplements.
    • Four U.S./Worldwide Patents:   5,989,583. 5,891,469.   5,576,016.   5,662,932.
    • For Oral supplementation in powder and liquids.
    • Dermal and Intravenous Applications
  • Citrus Fiber for lowering cholesterol levels (patent submitted in US and elsewhere)
  • Additional U.S./Worldwide Patents



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