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Herbamed Appoints NPP as Exclusive Agent for Ultrasomeā„¢ CoQ10 in the Western US
Weizmann Technology Park, ISRAEL – Herbamed Ltd. appoints New Products Plus (NPP) of Salt Lake City, Utah, as its exclusive agent for Ultrasome™ CoQ10 in the Western US.

.“We are extremely happy to join forces with the NPP team,” says David Hart, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Herbamed. “This is our first foray to bring innovative Ultrasome CoQ10 to the US market. NPP is highly respected in the industry, especially in the important California and Inter-mountain regions. The relationship is definitely synergistic, as Ultrasome CoQ10 provides NPP an ultra-high quality value-added ingredient backed by clinical trials.”

Ultrasome is a liposomal-like formulation of Coenzyme Q10 developed by Herbamed using advanced drug-delivery technology. CoQ10 (ubiquinone), well-known for its cardiovascular health benefits, is a leading nutrition ingredient, enjoying a global retail market expected to top $US1 billion by 2012. The major obstacle to using CoQ10 is very low absorption and bioavailability. Ultrasome’s unique, patent-protected formulation greatly improves the bioavailability of the CoQ10 by combining ubiquinone with a dual-layer of phospholipids to create a small droplet (liposome). This liposome protects the CoQ10 and delivers it more effectively to the g.i. tract, where it is absorbed. Ultrasome’s efficacy has been demonstrated successfully in four clinical trials.

In a clinical trial with geriatric patients, Ultrasome showed a three-fold increase in bioavailability. The study specifically used an elderly population, as they are known to have difficulties in absorbing CoQ10. A similar trial in young, healthy volunteers showed ten times greater bioavailability. In addition to the bioavailability studies, Ultrasome has been shown to be effective in improving cardiovascular health, recovery from hip-fractures and chronic wounds. Herbamed continues to support scientific research with Ultrasome.

“Ultrasome gives us an entry into the CoQ10 market with an exciting product backed by science,” says Greg Flinn, President of New Products Plus. “We are happy to team with a company like Herbamed, who makes a significant investment in science and intellectual property behind their products. Ultrasome CoQ10 is definitely a good way to differentiate and stand out in this crowded market.”

Ultrasome™ CoQ10 comes in a stable powder and can be easily used in capsules and tablets, expanding the ability to include CoQ10 in multi-ingredient formulations or health-condition-specific products.

About Herbamed
Herbamed develops pioneering technologies serving the dietary supplement, nutraceutical and functional food and beverage markets. Herbamed’s products are supported by clinical research and protected by patents. After restructuring in 2009, the company has entered a rapid growth phase.

About New Products Plus
New Products Plus offers specialty ingredients and services to the dietary supplement, cosmetic and food industries. NPP represents a number of leading ingredient manufacturers and can also provide formulation and contract-manufacturing solutions.

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